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Learn more about Aniya Bourne, the woman behind Bourne to Film.



Behind Bourne to Film

Film and storytelling has always captivated me. I’ve been inspired by many directors, filmmakers, and authors. Being able to connect and engage with viewers and those telling the story on screen has always been a fun experience for me! I wanted to be the one behind the camera, capturing these moments to tell a story.

Picking up my first camera during high school fueled my passion. Carlyle Poteat, my videography teacher, was a huge source of support and motivation. She challenged me creatively and pushed me to continue to explore and pursue my passion. Within these years of Bourne to Film, I have been able to interact with amazing individuals, artists, creatives, believers, businesses, and organizations to tell their story! I want to keep the camera rolling and continue to connect and capture stories to make an impact and lasting connections!  


No matter what you do,
your job is to tell your story.

– Gary Vaynerchuck

Let’s tell your story…